FUBAR (Flow Utility BAsed Routing) paper accepted for presentation in HotNets’14


FUBAR: Flow Utility BAsed Routing.

We present FUBAR, a system that reduces congestion and maximizes the utility of the entire network by installing new routes and changing the traffic load on existing ones. FUBAR works offline to periodically adjust the distribution of traffic on paths. It requires neither changes to end hosts nor precise prior knowledge of the traffic matrix. We demonstrate that even in the presence of traffic from all network devices to all other devices, FUBAR can optimize a real-world core-level network in a matter of minutes…

Nikola Gvozdiev, Brad Karp, Mark Handley (University College London). HotNets 2014: Thirteenth ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks. October 27-28, 2014 — Los Angeles, California, USA

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